How to Play

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In Migration, the player must help the Surgeonfish gather all the young that’s hiding in coral within the allotted time before they embark on their journey together.

In this video, learn about the basic controls to steer the fish school, how to look inside the sea whips for hidden fish and the various dangers of the coral reef.



In Feeding, the Surgeonfish must feed on the plankton to maintain their energy.

In this video, learn how to control the speed of the school which is very important if you need to the food. Selecting & deselecting targets and how to maximise energy levels by going after specific food combinations.



In Predator, the player must help the Surgeonfish avoid being turned into fish food for the larger ocean predators.

In this video, learn how to time and execute avoidance manoeuvres, and how to build a defensive shield called a bait ball to confuse the predators.



In Breeding, the Surgeonfish must breed to complete the life cycle and ensure there will be the next generation of fish in the next season.

In this video, learn how to observe the female fish’s behaviour and time the males’ movement to successfully fertilise the eggs.



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