If you were brought here by the link within the Blue Eden game, welcome to our website, and please take the time to look around beyond this page.

The production of Blue Eden was very much driven by what I’ve learnt over recent years of overfishing, fish farming and various issues related to the depleting numbers of fish in the oceans.


While Blue Eden is in no way endorsed or affiliated with the following organisations, we would love you to visit these webpages.

We hope you’d find them informative and these topics are something worth thinking about seriously.

Ocean 2012 – Transforming European Fisheries

WWF – Stop Bankrupting Our Oceans

WWF – Top 10 Worst Decisions For Fish

National Geographic – 10 things you can do to save the ocean

National Geographic – Seafood decision guide

National Geographic – Protect the Ocean

Greenpeace Campaigns

Greenpeace – 12 not so fun facts about Overfishing

Things you can do:

One World One Ocean – 10 ways to help

MarineBio Conservation Society – 101+ Ways to Make a Difference

Marine Stewardship Council

Good Fish Guide

Hugh’s Fish Fight

Monterey Bay Aquarium – Sustainable Seafood guide


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